Enjoy Outdoor Living with an Open or Screened Porch

Open and Screened Porch Contractor

13TEN Renovations specializes in all things outdoor living, including porches. We understand that every home is different, and each customer has a unique vision for their porch. This is why we offer a variety of options, including screened porches, open porches, and front porches. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all porches. We work with you to design and build a custom porch that fits your home’s unique needs and your desired function. Relax outdoors on a new porch or add to your existing porch. Whether you want a screened porch or an open porch, 13TEN Renovations will take care of it for you.

A Front Porch for Your Home

A front porch or portico is your home’s face. It’s what everyone sees as they drive by. It greets and welcomes guests even before you do. It also serves as that lasting first impression and prologue to the interior of your home. A front porch can protect you and your home’s front facade from the elements, add curb appeal or serve as a refuge for relaxation.



We Install New Porches or Add to Existing Ones

13TEN Renovations can install new porches, whether it’s just the front of the home or wraps around the whole front area. If we need to add railing, we can do that as well. We also renovate and update existing porches, including replacing posts, decking, trim, and railing. If you need to have the porch match your siding or deck, we can handle that as well.

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Stay Protected with a Screened in Porch

13TEN Renovations offers beautiful, screened porch designs that speak to your needs and style. Our custom porches lend themselves to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces without the annoyance of pests or inclement weather. You will enjoy the benefit of a protected outdoor living space to steer clear of mosquitoes and the risk of becoming sick from a mosquito bite. 



An Insect-free Outdoor Space

Protected outdoor living spaces such as screened porches deliver more than just protection from the heat or pop-up summer shower. They also offer protection from bothersome and often dangerous insects such as mosquitoes. The humid, hot summers in Virginia make it prone to mosquitoes and other pests. Stay protected with a screened porch.

Protection from Inclement Weather

Along with protection from insects and seasonal debris, a screened porch also provides a place to enjoy the outdoors even when they weather turns bad. Imagine being able to remain dry and collected while taking in the fresh air and views of your front or back yard, even during a rainy day. A screened porch allows you and your family spend time outdoors. You will never have to take the outdoor celebration indoors because of inclement weather, again.